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Top 7 Spheres Where You Can Use a Multitouch Table


A multi-touch table is a kind of touch-screen device incorporating popular advanced software technologies and designed in a specific way. Thus table-shaped device has a high-resolution touch screen on the top and features an advanced interactive interface and software. Multidea touch tables can be used in a variety of places (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.). Here are top 7 spheres where a multi-touch table has already proved helpful.

Architecture and Design

With the help of a Multidea table, architects and designers can create stunning interactive 3D visualizations of buildings, complexes and areas around them. These tables provide ample ground for teamwork and new ideas.  

Real Estate Development

A Multidea table provides exceptional quality 3D visualization of constructed and pre-constructed objects. Realistic 3D flythrough interior panoramas leave zero doubt in customers as to the choice of property. Developer team can gather around the table, view projects at all possible angles, discuss and modify them right on the spot.  


Travel agencies demonstrate increasing thirst for high-tech multi-touch tables, because they open boundless opportunities for presenting the world’s most attractive destinations. On the other hand, tourists can make a virtual fact-finding tour around many places and make their choice right away.


Placed in a hotel lobby or reception area, a multi-touch table can serve as a marketing tool for hotel owners and as a high-tech concierge for guests. Owners get an effective means to promote their services, and guests enjoy instant access to a vivid 3D database of unoccupied rooms.


There is hardly a better instrument for a restaurant owner to present the menu, interior and event schedule than a Multidea touch-table. Visitors can simply walk up to it and get full and complete information about whatever they want to know.


Now retailers have a unique opportunity to present goods in the most vivid and attractive way imaginable. Thanks to advanced graphic design software and technical characteristics of Multidea touch-tables, store owners can present their entire assortments of goods. Buyers can get first-hand information about available goods.

Exhibitions, trade shows and museums

Thanks to its enormous technical potential, a Multidea table can replace a whole exhibition stand, as you can present every aspect of your project in the most attractive way. The interactive interface and advanced software allows exhibition, tradeshow and museum managers to create presentations, which comprehend entire collections, and demonstrate them to visitors.

Enhance your exhibition stand performance with a touchtable


A touch-screen table is a revolutionary addition to any business, and it seems to be gaining recognition before it is actually put to large-scale use. Those who have tried this new technique note its exceptional versatility and user-friendliness. Many of them fairly compare it with a tablet.

Generally, a multi-touch table looks like just another piece of furniture, which fits any ambience. What singles it out from other items is the huge touch screen on the top. Thanks to high resolution, the screen demonstrates perfect image quality when it comes to showing bright and vivid 3D project presentations. This is what can potentially make you a trade show champion and give you a ticket to better business life.

Boost you sales!

When demonstrating your potential to visitors and partners during exhibitions, participants should do their best to show that they are the best. So far and until now many try to outrun competitors by releasing colorful booklets and leaflets, which won’t convey the whole zest.  A big touch screen can unify your whole stack of booklets into a gorgeous composition and create a fantastic booth experience. With this table in your booth you can:

  • Attract more visitors
  • Create interactive 3D visualizations of your projects and thus display your value.
  • Download boundless amount of information and update it all the time.
  • Broadcast your presentations to secondary screens and users’ mobile devices.    
  • Gather a group of visitors around your table and get them to discuss your project in detail.
  • Educate consumers.
  • Stand out on the trade show floor by showcasing your functions and testimonials.
  • Use it as a marketing tool and increase your sales.

Who can use it

These are only a few advantages this unique tool gives you. With the help of your multi-touch table you can display whatever you are assigned to promote. For example, if you are a contractor, a real estate agent or a hotel owner, you can use advanced software and create realistic fly-through visualizations of interiors and exteriors. By demonstrating these animated pictures you literally show attendees around your future or already existing objects. Thus you can present what you would never have presented with booklets and brochures alone.

Multi-touch tables feature a robust interface and user-friendly software and therefore are easy to use for first-timers.  Finally, this appears to be a compact, cheap yet readily effective alternative to having to rent extortionate exhibition stands!

Hotel Lobby of the Future


Multidea Hotel Lobby is like a large-size tablet – a versatile and powerful digital tool, which brings all sorts of information to customers and hotel owners on the silver platter. Designed like a coffee table or a slant-top desk, it features a huge high resolution touch screen, through which you can learn everything about the hotel, accommodation services provided by it and the whole region without asking the concierge. In an effort to outrun competitors, hotel owners incorporate advanced technologies to attract tourists and potential business partners.


This multi-touch table features a user-friendly interface and is loaded with software, which includes promotional apps and corporate ones intended for:

  • Checking in/out and
  • Wayfinding with the help of interactive hotel maps
  • Displaying services and amenities
  • Showing information about local sights, dining, sports, entertainment, nightlife facilities and cultural objects
  • Showing local transport and airport information
  • Controlling traffic and occupancy (for hotel owners)
  • Booking systems show available tours provided by travel companies. Also, you can display a map of the area you need and print it out right here.

How it works

A multi-touch table placed in a hotel lobby is a fully-featured digital concierge, which provides 24/7 support and all sorts of information. By using it, hotel managers boost client loyalty, produce an admirable impression on tourists and increase business efficiency.    

Multi-touch tables work as full and complete hotel guides. First, they provide 3D reviews of every room and virtually fly you through the entire building, showing it to you from all possible perspectives. Second, they provide information about spa, dining, entertainment and many other services. All you need to do is walk up to the table, browse and place an order.

Third, these tables are good for collective use. If you are traveling with a group, you can gather around the table, view different options and make a decision together.

Last but not least is an opportunity to use the table as a service promotion tool. It displays presentations in a highly interactive fashion, which resolves in a fantastic user experience and makes you want to all services you can visualize. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it poses no difficulties for even first-time users.

MULTIDEA attracts business from Europe to Lviv


The City Council of Lviv City and MULTIDEA  are joining the MIPIM real estate exhibition in Cannes, France. Lviv officials’ awareness of our advanced approach to highlighting and promoting interesting ideas and effective solutions prompted them to take us along to Cannes to reveal the region’s business potential.

We are joining the show to demonstrate a number of 3D presentations via a multi-touch table – a desk-like structure with a huge high resolution touch screen on the top. The tool works like a tablet on a bigger scale, and it is very convenient for viewing all sorts of images – static, animated, 2D, 3D, etc. in the highest possible quality. Real estate developers can demonstrate properties through magically realistic digital 3D presentations and actually show a customer around a good place. The interactive touch screen allows users to view objects at all angles and from all vantage points.

With the help of the multitouch table, the Lviv City Council will show presentations for 10 companies, which include international property developers and municipal organizations already operating in Lviv. We are traveling to the heart of Europe to offer our partners a versatile and simple way to:

  • increase front office sales by about 30%;
  • increase extra service sales by 50%;
  • guarantee 100% eco-friendliness and total freedom from paperwork.

The Lviv stand is going to be an attraction for real estate developers, investment groups, architects, hotel owners, contractors and designers, because our solution is all but irreplaceable in the spheres mentioned above, as it helps customers deal with the biggest challenges and make a business flexible.

Multitouch technologies in architecture, design & engineering



Advanced digital technology has become ubiquitous, and there is hardly a sphere or industry not influenced by this technology. In order to withstand the ever-tightening competition and attract customers, architects and designers have to create the most vivid and colorful presentations of their projects imaginable. A multi-touch table – a kind of big tablet – appears to be an increasingly popular and definitely handy solution.

What is a multi-touch table?

We offer a unique solution, which changes the whole process of designing and drafting. Gone are the days when specialists spent their workdays at desks cluttered with paper drafts and blueprints not being able to find the right paper when it was needed most. Many multi-touch tables look similar to desks or draft tables except the top is a huge high resolution touch screen. This is an excellent interactive tool and quite a reason why it is time for architects and designers to finally give up their obsolete blueprints and go for digital work. Multi-touch tables come in a variety of shapes and designs, both aesthetically and technologically, and have intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Therefore, it does not take a savvy experience to navigate such a table.

Diverse content and clear image

With this table in your office you can do all kinds of 3D modeling, regardless of your project’s type or complexity. It supports dozens of advanced designer software, including BIM (building information model) software, which incorporate all tools and instruments required for creating and demonstrating 3D presentations of all possible architectural and landscaping projects. These animated presentations are highly interactive, so you can view the inside of a building at any possible angle and from any vantage point. Besides, you can create a realistic 3D visualization and get into the under infrastructure of the building. This gives you first-hand information and unique immersive experience, as you a sort of walk around the digital replica of your building. Thanks to the high resolution, image quality is superb, and the zoom range enables to view every tiniest detail with little or zero detriment to picture.

More interaction with team members and customers

As a rule, architects and designers work in teams. A multi-touch table is big enough for a good-sized tea to gather around it and join discussion. Any team member can walk up to the screen and turn the picture at the most convenient angle in just one move of a hand. When discussing projects this way, the head architect finds it easier to communicate his/her ideas to the rest of the team. You can and should use the solution when formulating every stage of your project and introduce changes and modifications to projects when necessary. When showing a 3D presentation to a client, you a kind of fly him/her through the future object, and he/she can tell his likes and dislikes about it. The table enables you to correct mistakes without really making them!

Greater potential for building new business ties

If you install your multi-touch table in your office or showroom, you will get an effective means of attracting new clients. Invite your potential business partners, employees, shareholders or guests to visualize your ideas and demonstrate them in all their beauty.  Multi-touch tables are going to be irreplaceable when it comes to presenting a portfolio, brainstorming, arranging project reviews, and promoting ambitious projects in other fashions. On top of the whole thing, having a multi-touch table is a big competitive advantage, as you immediately make people want to contribute to your project.

Why real estate developers need multi-touch table?



Real estate developers all over the world have to look for new marketing techniques to meet modern standards. In the times of economical and technological progress, which is often accompanied by upheavals and disturbances, and seems less predictable every day, using customer-oriented high-tech marketing solutions is a must for a respectful developer. These solutions are there to help companies adjust their strategies to the ever-changing market.

Just Play the Game!

A multi-touch table is one of the most advanced marketing solutions. Wonder why? Let’s see what it is and how it works. A multitouch table is a kind of touchscreen smartphone or tablet except it is as big as a table or desk. Featuring a huge high resolution touchscreen, it is used by real estate developers and other businesses as a multi-purpose sales tool. This is thanks to an opportunity to present colorful interactive 3D presentations for potential customers, partners and investors to receive a full and complete idea of a project and actually outline their work in it.

Real estate design centers exemplify the effectiveness of multitouch tables, and for many of them such a table is now a must-have thing. Needless to say, you cannot create a detailed picture of a property and/or its design on a 2D floor map or a flyer. Because we live in a 3D world, there is no way for a human to build a realistic picture of his/her future home but with the help of a 3D panoramic image. With a huge touch screen at hand, a potential property buyer can geolocate a property, select between materials and interior elements and view the picture at all angles and from all perspectives. A multitouch table a sort of takes a potential buyer on a tour around a property, making him/her forget that this tour is virtual. It flies your customers over and walks you through a development, which is still far from build or just being drafted, and gives them a clear idea of what it will be like upon completion. You can place your multi-touch table in your facility’s most visited place – in the lobby, showroom, hallway, conference room, etc., to make it readily accessible for your potential customers and partners.

The Effects

This advanced approach is highly beneficial for real estate business and can contribute to a significant increase in sales. First, it attracts sellers, buyers, landowners, tenants and makes them want to come back and form a business contact with the company. Second, it improves the developer’s reputation and gives it a huge competitive advantage. Finally, successful deals ensure much higher productivity and therefore higher profit levels. One of the brightest examples of such an increase is Michigan Realty Solutions, a real estate company whose last year prepaid sales soared by 25% pretty much thanks to a multitouch table. So does Mantri Developers, a company from India boasting an about 30% sales growth explained by the use of similar multitouch solutions.

Tell the World – You Are the One!

With multitouch tables and apps becoming more available and user friendlier, there is hardly a better opportunity for a realtor to make potential clients want to come here instead of going to rival companies. The whole batch of marketing tools incorporated in it makes a touchtable the king of property advertisement. Invite your partners to a business dinner and tell them you are the best.

The brand new touchtable will transform you sales forever


Why use a Touchtable?

Have you ever viewed a colorful presentation of a product via a high quality tablet? And have you ever imagined seeing one via a dinner-table-sized tablet? Now it is time to see it and give your business another shot! Imagine yourself and a group of your potential business partners sitting in a cozy conference room at a coffee table, each with a notepad, and discussing possible cooperation. This sounds like an all too familiar scene. Except the whole business is laid out on the table, and the picture changes every time you touch the right button or icon!

This table allows you to view all sorts of photos, videos, pdf, 3D content and animations. You can create a presentation of a huge mall or entertainment center, display your interior/exterior design project with the tiniest detail, show the best of your vehicles, equipment, etc. best features of your products. The large screen size allows you to display your products with a cutting-edge quality.

Thanks to these advantages, the touchtable contributes to successful sales. First, your potential client is directly involved in the process. Second, he or she gets a idea of what you are presenting. Last, but not least is the fact that you can attract a group of clients, not just one.

How it Works

Multitouch tables are increasingly demanded by heritage organizations, particularly museums. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has made a tremendous breakthrough by presenting its enormous collection via a touchtable. The secret lies in an opportunity to display a much larger part of the collection than the museum’s rooms can physically handle.

Michigan Realty Solutions – one of the USA top real estate companies – installed a multitouch table in its showroom and increased prepaid property sales by 25% compared to last year.

Adidas has installed an interactive multitouch wall in one of its stores, so that all customers can walk up to it and interactively select shoes and clothes to their liking. It is an excellent example of how touchtables help retailers to demonstrate an entire product range and embrace the whole amount of goods which cannot physically fit on the counter. Adidas’s sales skyrocketed shortly after the multitouch wall began to work.

Sell Yourself Properly!

It is a well known fact that environment is a paramount factor when it comes to making an important business decision. A concise, discreet and colorful sales presentation is exactly what makes potential clients want to choose you instead of your competitors. Tailor your presentation to the big-screen touchtable format and show the best of your products to your partners. In turn, this whole thing can be matched to your conference room’s interior in a seducing way. Touchtables differ in shape and size, so you can choose the most suitable one.

This table helps you create a full and complete picture of your project and give it to your partner on a silver platter.

All these factors give you an enormous competitive advantage. You enjoy the freedom of creating unique content and telling the world exciting and intriguing stories about your company. If you have such a table in your office, it will undoubtedly make crowds of visitors want to stop and read these stories right from the screen.


Touchtables have proved their helpfulness in a variety of spheres and industries, such as hospitality, rtail, architecture/design, real estate, tourism, and more. You can give your business another good start if you place one in rooms where your potential clients are most likely to go – in a sales office, showroom, etc.